Welcome to my world Dear one,

I am Jenna, I am French and 22 years-old. I am an indigo child and a deeply spiritual and connected soul. I am a spiritual teacher, a coach and an intuitive reader.

After a master’s degree in Communication and Politics in a famous Parisian University, I realized that the career that was ahead of me was not reflecting who I was. Worse, it was making me sad and frustrated. This is when my consciousness shifted and that I realized that I was meant to live my life without changing myself and with complete acceptation of who I am. My spirituality, my intuition and my knowledge make me who I truly am and I know I have to honor them every day.

I believe that we all have a light within ourselves that is only here to shine. And that we are who we are for a reason. I am convinced that each of us came to this Earth to do something important. That we all have talents, sensitivity and potential that are waiting to be activated. And that each of us has a life purpose.

My life purpose is to share this message and to help you find your path and reconnect with your true essence.

I want to help you  reveal that light within you which is hidden behind limiting beliefs, fears and blocks. You are here for a reason. You are supposed to serve the world, in your own unique way. And to do so, you first have to accept who you are. Completely. In this alignment, you will find the answers to your questions and what is calling you. You will feel the difference you can make in this world. You will regain your power.

I am very happy to welcome you here, in this space that I have created for you, for me and for the light in every one of us.

If your heart is telling you that you have a purpose that you are not fulfilling right now, if you want to feel in alignment with your soul and values every day, if you feel lost and you are having a hard time listening to the voice inside of you, let me help you. Let’s overcome the fears and blocks that are keeping you from living the life you are supposed to live. Let’s find your life purpose.

For more information on sessions with me, please contact me.

You may also be interested in receiving an intuitive reading. Do you want to know what your guides and angels are trying to tell you? Those readings will help you find an answer to your questions, understand the blocks that keep you from blossoming and finding your true purpose. You will reconnect with the light and the energy of love within you.

How does this work? Once your reading is booked, you send me an email with your first name, your date of birth and the questions or situations you want to receive a guidance on. I then connect with your guides and pull cards. I also channel images and messages. If you need it and if I am guided to do so, I do an energetic healing on you. When I am done, I send you an email with the messages I received and explaining you the healing. We can always communicate through email if you have any questions afterwards.

Click here for a one question reading.

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If you have any question or inquiries, please contact me through this page or using the email address jennablossoms@gmail.com

I’m sending you a stream of light,